Shaking doesn't work for showing internal keyboard.

Shaking doesn't work for showing internal keyboard.

Postby Dvbnhbq » Fri Nov 16, 2012 2:50 am

It seems like something is missing in comparison with the pictures in AppStore, describing this app.

1. FAQ says:
To show iPhone's internal keyboard shake it while in mouse screen. You can now use entire screen for dragging (tapping must be on the mouse area) or moving mouse.Shake again to hide the keyboard.

This doesn't work.

2. In the menu there's ABC button, but it doesn't effect any action.

3. The picture of the screen is static, it shows only snapshot of the screen that was at the moment of connection. It doen't change. When something happens on screen during mouse is moving and buttons are being pressed, this actions happens only on the real screen of PC, not in iPhone.

4. There's another strange button, that is not present in the AppStore description picture - when it is pressed the current real screen is shown, but it is static too, and when it dissapears, the old static screen is shown that is not refreshing...

SO, what is that??!

I need internal keyboard be shown. How can I do that?
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