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Can I use a standalone app as an in-app inside JumiOne?

JumiOne Is a Free  App with 6 Free in-apps included as well as paid apps.

If you have a standalone app installed on your device, you can use it inside JumiOne
(shows under my apps) 
Make sure you have the Jumi standalone app physically installed on device (owning app is not enough).

e.g. If you paid and installed JumiCam on your device as standalone app you can use it inside JumiOne as part of your in-apps. Apps shows under 'My Apps'.

Does it work the other way?
Can I download a standalone App for free if I paid for it inside JumiOne

No. This works only if you bought a standalone app first then use it in JumiOne

What is the premium apps subscription for?

JumiOne and other apps have special features which requires subscription.

A monthly premium-apps subscription enables all premium in-apps for unlimited use.
This includes all premium apps and all in-apps features such as unlimited file transfer (in JumiFiles) and motion detection push notification (in JumiCam)

How can I switch between in-apps without closing connection
Swipe 3 finger on screen to show the in-apps selector view.
Select one from the apps preview selector, you can also select app from the app icons on bottom
I had in-apps inside JumiOne why can't I use them in my new phone?
  • Open JumiOne Options screen and click the restore purcheses button.
  • Sign in with your iTunes Id (Same one you used to purchase in-apps)
In case you paid for the standalone app (not as an in-app inside JumiOne) make sure you follow the steps described above to use previous purchased standalone-app inside JumiOne
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