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SmartMirror FAQ


SmartMirror doesn't save my snapped photos (on iOS)
Cann't see your snapped photos in your photos roll? You must have clicked the "don't allow" button when you where asked to allow Jumi to save photos to your photos roll. 

To allow smartMirror to save photos to your roll: 
  • click the home button and open 'Settings'  -> privacy -> photos 
  • Allow Jumi to access your photo library ( Turn on the switch next to SmartMirror) 

SmartMirror face dedetction

SmartMirror finds it hard to focus on my face eyes or lips
To impruve face detection accuricy folow the below steps:
  • Make sure your whole face is visible
  • Make sure light condition are reasnable
  • Keep your hand stady
Note: Notice the green dot turns red when your face cannot be deteced.
Turn on visual indicator to show border around your face when detected.


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