WHAT IS JumiFiles:
Constant On-the-Go Access to your PC - Browse, Preview & Download files to your iPhone! Browse from your iPhone your PC files - documents, presentations, music, video and photos - download and send them on-the-go anytime & anywhere! 

  • Forgot to send the presentation that you revised over the weekend? 
    Connect online to your PC with JumiFiles, access files and store them on your iPhone 
  • Need a quick review of a PC stored file while chatting with a client?
    Access your PC with JumiFiles, browse the directory and preview the file while on call
  • Want to share with your friend your favorite music but it's stored on your PC?
    Browse with JumiFiles your PC media player, your connected USB device or your DVD drive to locate and fetch any file
  • Your cloud-based storage is inaccessible on your device at critical moments?
    JumiFiles fetched files are available offline on your iPhone, regardless of WiFi/3g availability 

JumiFiles app turns your iPhone into an instant wireless Disk on Key storage device with full access to your home or work PC, creating an easy access on-the-go to any data stored on your computer. 
Browsing with JumiFiles enables you to locate and fetch any file stored on your HD, connected USB or DVD drive, and transfer this data to your iPhone for immediate use. 
 Easily download to your iPhone documents and presentations from your PC in real time, wherever you are: browse your PC directories, view the files in preview mode, download them to your device or send as an attached file with a single click! 


✔Connectivity: Access on-the-go your PC directories/ connected storage devices/ DVD drive to view and download your files

✔Optimized data streaming: high speed data transfer on WiFi/3g/Edge 

✔Monitored download; Automatically stops/progresses when device is disconnected / reconnected 

✔Preview mode: View downloaded files in preview mode 

✔Send option: e-mail downloaded file as an attachment with a single click 

✔Offline access: downloaded files stored and available on the device 

✔Extended Functionality: Browse simultaneously numerous connected PCs 


  • Windows XP/Vista/7 (32 or 64Bit)

  • Install the Jumi Controller on your PC
  • Start JumiFiles on your device and connect. That's it.
  • If you need detailed info please refer to our getting started Guide


Downloads & Getting Started
Win XP/Vis/7
32 & 64 Bit
Remote desktop windows companion software

Getting Started Guide

Support & Technical Info




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