JumiMouse+ Gamer's Edition Turns your iPhone / iPod into a fully functional joystick, mouse, keyboard, remote desktop, and a suite of remote controls.

it includes all the JumiMouse+ functionality, as well as a professional joystick / game controller



  • Ultimate Fun: Flight simulators, Driving games, Shooters, Arcade, Strategy, Multiplayer games, more! The ultimate weapon for game lovers.
  • Travel Light: Play any game on your laptop while on the go
  • Saves Money & Space: eliminates the need for expensive game controllers
  • Total Control: full control with mouse & keyboard of extended game settings & features 
  • Extended Functionality: mouse, keyboard, and desktop control for those moments when you are not playing. Control your PC from anywhere.
  • Couch Remote: remote control your PC while watching movies / listening to music
  • Application control: if you went out and forgot to activate something on your pc (backup, downloads, etc), connect with JumiGamer and get it going.
  • Family IT Support: are you your grandma's PC helpdesk? No more 2 hours phone calls or needless car drives! Whenever granny has a problem, connect to her PC with your iPhone, fix it, and keep yourself in her will.
  • Send it to Yourself: forgot an important file at home and need it at work? You can activate your mail client at home and send it to yourself

  • Accelerometer based XY control mode
  • Touch screen based XY control mode
  • 8 Joystick buttons
  • 2 Extra throttles
  • 8-directional POV
  • Full keyboard & mouse control of your PC
  • iPhone keyboard as well additional full keyboard (101 keys)
  • Remote desktop: shows you the PC screen and lets you activate/work with any application on it
  • Top usability: configurable mouse & scroll sensitivity; touch-pad with left & right buttons; support for click, double-click, drag and scroll;
  • Optimized for smooth & fast response
  • Control unlimited number of PCs simultaneously
  • Easy setup & connection: automatically discovers & remembers any PC
  • Compatible with any software on your PC
  • Supports 3G / Edge / WiFi

  • Windows XP/Vista/7 (32 or 64Bit)
  • Install the Jumi Controller on your PC
  • Start JumiMouse+ Gamer's Edition on your iPhone or iPod and connect. That's it.
  • If you need detailed info please refer to our getting started Guide






Downloads & Getting Started

Win XP/Vis/7
32/64 Bit
Remote desktop windows companion software

Getting Started Guide

What People Say

"Well Done! This is an outstanding app, it does all that it says it will!"

"The quality is excellent, setup was cake, and the thing just works"

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"stable, works very well is you are running multi webcames"

"I was up and running in less than 5 minutes, works great!"

"this app could become the number one in video monitoring"

"the fact that you can see the computer desktop is amazing"

"I love this app, it works great"

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