Getting Started
In order to operate Jumi applications, you need to:
  • Download & install the Jumi Controller on your PC (Note - you only need to do this once and it will work for all your Jumi Apps)
  • Get the App (JumiCam, JumiMouse+, etc) from the AppStore, and connect. That's it. 
Installation & connection is simple and in most cases completely automated, but just in case here are the step by step instructions below.

Detailed Instructions

Jumi Controller: downloading, installing
1.1: Download the Jumi Controller
1.2: Install (Jumi Controller's Icon should appear in the system tray)
1.3: Setup
  • The first time Jumi Controller runs, you are required to supply a master password. This password will be used when you connect your iPhone to your PC.
iPhone Application: Connecting, 3G/remote connections
2.1 Connecting for the first time
  • Launch the iPhone application (JumiCam, JumiMouse, etc). With your PC and your iPhone using the same Wi-Fi network, you should see your PC listed.
    • If your PC was not found automatically, add it by tapping Add in Jumi on your iPhone and enter the same values that appear in your Jumi Controller on your PC
  • Select the computer you wish to connect to, and press the 'Connect' button. 
  • Supply your password when asked to, and press 'Login' or 'Login & Save' if you want to save the password for future logins
2.2 3G / EDGE / Remote Wi-Fi connections
  • In order to connect remotely via 3G/Edge/Remote Wi-Fi, your router must be configured to communicate with your iPhone. In most cases, the Jumi Controller automatically takes care of this configuration.
    • To test your remote connection, disable Wi-Fi on your iPhone (this will activate your 3G) and try to connect. If you can connect - you're done.
  • Some routers require manual configuration (don't worry - its easy), see our Remote Connection Guide

If you are experiencing any problems, please check our Troubleshooting Guide.


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