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JumiOne a remote control for your private cloud

JumiOne is an innovative and secure way to remotely control your windows PCs using your iPad or iPhone, Get photos, videos or any other file directly to device, control your desktop applications such as office documents, file download managers or any other software. Control music played on PC, sign documents using touch screen, drive presentations or watch and monitor PC's webcam feeds. All those features combined with easy installation and high performance state of the art quality makes JumiOne to be the best solution for remote controlling.

JumiOne, an ultimate tool to control your pc in so many ways. Dude you don't know what to expect and splash another feature. Every week, new site update.. they have another feature

JumiOne eight Premium apps include:

  • JumiFiles: Browse, preview & download on-the-go any PC file to your mobile device
  • JumiMouse+: Remote-Control your PC's desktop from your iPhone/iPad
  • JumiMouse+ Gamer Edition: Play PC games with this wireless, motion operated, Gamer controller
  • JumiCam: Connect to unlimited number of webcams & PCs to view live video stream.  of all rooms in your home, your office or even your grandma's house 
  • JumiAmp: Play from your iPhone music or a video from your PC without getting up from the couch.
  • JumiRemotes: Turn your iPhone into various remote controls that activate programs on your PC. Choose from a suite of remotes available on JumiTech Remotes Gallery or build your own for any PC program.
  • JumiPresenter: Presentation driver for your PowerPoint presentations. Display a complete professional PowerPoint remote control, with slide & notes view as well as markup and HD access for opening additional resources
  • JumiSign: Use your touch screen to sign any document. Just sign it on your device and paste it to your document
  • JumiFly: Play a wacky prank on your friends. Teleport a virtual life-like fly from your iPhone to the PC, intruding their screen while they work.

JumiOne's features

  • Easy connection with auto discovery, DNS and advanced configuration. 
  • High frame rate and high quality streaming 
  • Simple and fast installation process 
  • Expandable remotes pack embedded in JumiRemotes, JumiMouse and Gamer 
  • Multitasking for different tasks 
  • Multi User support for watching cam feeds or screen together 
  • Designed for iPhone & iPad 
  • Custom keyboards with shortcuts 
  • Fast switching between apps without logging out 
  • Unlimited computers- connect all your PCs Subscribe to get all premium services 
  • Users can subscribe all Premium services to use JumiOne to its extent: 
    • Unlimited Files download for offline and online use 
    • Live access to your WebCam from anywhere 
    • Motion detection notification right to your device 
    •  Remote keyboards, mouse and joystick 
    • Arrange and build playlist accessing your entire mp3 library 
    • Video Streaming: Stream HQ video from your desktop 
    • A crazy Fly, a prank and game lunched from your palm Amaze your audience when driving presentations 

License and subscriptions
  • JumiOne Is a Free  App with 6 Free in-apps included.
    To Subscribe to all premium apps (30 days subscription), tap the subscribe button in the JumiOne options panel.
    Premium subscription enables all JumiOne features. 
  • You may purchase any premium feature separately
Remote control your PC from anywhere, stream video with this new feature
System Requirements
  • Windows XP/Vista/7 (32 or 64Bit)
  • iPhone/iPod/iPad

Instelation & Connection
  • Install the Jumi Controller on your PC
  • Start JumiOne on your iPhone or iPod and connect.
    That's it.

know what happens at home with JumiCam
 Quad view of home webcams
Watch your pats, kids or nanny from anywhere


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