JumiCam streams your PC webcams directly to your iPhone/iPod from an unlimited number of cameras. Its strength is its performance - its the smoothest & fastest out there!

JumiCam Lite is a free version that is limited to local WiFi only (no 3G / Edge / Distant WiFi hotspots)



  • It has the best video & audio performance available for webcam video streaming (we built our own optimization algorithms - check out the video).  Its a smooth video stream instead of choppy frames.
  • It has optimizations for blasting speed and low data costs
  • You can connect to an unlimited number of cameras
  • Simple to use & very user friendly
  • It runs over Wi-Fi, 3G, and Edge
  • Business Intelligence - see & hear what is happening in the meeting while you take a bathroom break
  • Pet Watcher - see what Fido the poodle is doing while you're at work
  • Child & Nanny - make sure your children are well cared for
  • Home Monitor - see & hear what is happening in any room of your home
  • Business Safety - see & hear what's happening at work when you're not there
  • Teenage Security - Keep an eye/ear over those wacky teenagers while you're away
  • PC Usage Spy - JumiCAM also shows you the PC desktop, so you can see what the user is looking at
  • Watch TV - connect your TV to your PC and watch it from anywhere (while in the bathroom, out for a smoke, dull moments at work, etc.)
  • All of the above - simultaneously, with unlimited cameras and location
  • High Quality: optimized video streaming with high frame rate & resolution (performance comparable to MP4/H264)
  • Phone Bill Friendly: condensed data transfer makes this one of the cheapest solutions in ongoing 3D/Edge costs.
  • Unlimited Cameras & Locations: connect multiple cameras on multiple PCs
  • Photo Capture: snap & save photos from any camera stream
  • PC Desktop View: you can see what the PC user is seeing
  • Network: Wi-Fi / 3G / Edge
  • Secure Access: password protected
  • Share Your Camera: you can grant additional passwords for guest access to let others view your cameras (1 user at a time)
  • View Any Video Stream: connect your TV (or any other A/V source) to your computer and watch it from anywhere.
  • Windows XP/Vista/7 (32 or 64Bit)
JumiCam Screen Capture 

JumiCam Screen Capture


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Win XP/Vis/7
32 & 64 Bit
Remote desktop windows companion software
JumiCam Lite
Local Wifi only

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