JumiMouse+ Turns your iPhone / iPod into a fully functional Remote Desktop Client, Mouse, Keyboard, and a Suite of Remote Controls for any program on your PC (media players, powerpoint, etc). It gives you full control of an unlimited number of PCs, and does it via Wi-Fi, 3G, or Edge.

JumiMouse+ Gamers Edition is all of JumiMouse+ and an Gamer controller (JoyStick) for controlling your PC games

JumiMouse is a free version that does not include keyboard or the suite of remote controls.

  • Its a full remote for any app on your PC, so you don't have to get up from your couch
  • But its also a remote desktop client, which lets you access your PC and see your desktop from anywhere 
  • And a bunch of built in remote controls + the ability for you to add more remotes
  • And its got an extra keyboard so you can do CTRL / ALT key combos
  • And its all that... for a very affordable $1.99
  • Couch Remote: remote control your PC while watching movies / listening to music
  • Application control: if you went out and forgot to activate something on your pc (backup, downloads, etc), connect with Jumi Mouse PLUS and get it going.
  • Family IT Support: are you your grandma's PC helpdesk? No more 2 hours phone calls or needless car drives! Whenever granny has a problem, connect to her PC with your iPhone, fix it, and keep yourself in her will.
  • Send it to Yourself: forgot an important file at home and need it at work? You can activate your mail client at home and send it to yourself
  • Keyboard & mouse control of your PC
  • Remote desktop: shows you the PC screen and lets you work with any application on it
  • Remote desktop zoom: allows you to zoom in on any area on in your desktop and work as if you were in front of the PC
  • Remote Control Suite - comes with 4 remote controls for WinAmp, iTunes, Windows Media Player and Numpad.  
  • You can download more remotes (for free :-) from our gallery, or you can design your own remote
  • iPhone keyboard as well additional full keyboard (101 keys)
  • Top usability: configurable mouse & scroll sensitivity; touch-pad with left & right buttons; support for click, double-click, drag and scroll
  • Control unlimited number of PCs
  • Windows XP/Vista/7 (32 or 64Bit)

JumiMouse+ Screen Capture 
Use your mouse & see the screen on your device at the same time

JumiMouse+ Screen Capture 
Zoom in on any detail and work

JumiMouse+ Screen Capture 
Remote Control Your PC

JumiMouse+ Screen Capture 
Full Keyboard for CTRL & ALT key combos


Downloads & Getting Started

Win XP/Vis/7
32 & 64 Bit
Remote desktop windows companion software
No Keyboard

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