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"JumiOne nonetheless is a near perfectly executed productivity and mobile-home PC connection tool"
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" JumiOne is an all in one platform that gives you total control of your PC. It can use resource that is on your PC and extend it to your iphone. For example - remote desktop, webcam streaming, media player remote, PC games, remote control suites, etc. It connects to an unlimited number of PCs via Wi-Fi, 3G, or Edge. "
" The wide variety of functions available in the premium apps are impressive in scope. For example, the options include using an iPhone to control the web cam, instantly turning it into a nannycam to spy on any goings-on at your house. "
" If you are using any kind of remotes with your PC , this is the perfect alternative for you "
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" JumiOne is extensible and is updated on a regular basis with new applications and enhancements. "
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