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Hi there, if you got to this page because you clicked the little icon on the JumiController, its very highly likely that everything is cool (even if the icon is yellow or three dots) and you don't have to bother reading the stuff below. If you can connect - then everything is fine.  The different icons are for all kinds of checks that we do, but they don't mean anything that you should worry about.  If you can connect, then all is good :-)

If you can't connect, please read the steps below to troubleshoot and get going:

1. Make sure that the PC you are trying to connect to has the Jumi Controller running. If you didn't do this, check our Getting Started Guide 

2. If you have recently updated the iPhone app, or if you are getting a "version compatibility" message, make sure that you also install on your PC the updated version of Jumi Controller ( - look for the blue button)

3. If you are connecting for the first time, use the same Wi-Fi network that your PC is using and your iPhone should automatically find the PC

4. If your PC was not found automatically, add it by tapping Add in Jumi on your iPhone and enter the same values that appear in your Jumi Controller

5. If your PC is listed, check your "Connection Settings" on your iPhone to see if its entries match the ones displayed by the Jumi Controller. If they don't, update them

6. A firewall or antivirus program might be blocking Jumi. Look on your PC in your firewall/antivirus settings, or try disabling each of them temporarily & test if they are blocking

7. If your PC is behind a company firewall, try connecting to a different PC (e.g. at home). If you can, then it is the company firewall that is blocking. Ask your system admin about allowing Jumi

8. If you are able to connect in Local Wi-Fi but not in 3G or Remote Wi-Fi, please see our 3G & Remote Connection Guide.

9. if you configured 3G in the previous step and have a modem in addition to the router, then you need to configure port forwarding on it on port 5720 also - and to point it to the router's IP.  There needs to be an open pipe to the world from your PC  like this:  WORLD <---> MODEM <---> ROUTER <---> PC

10. If you want to connect to 2 or more PCs on the same network, each PC has to have a different listening port (e.g. 5720 & 5721). Set these in the Jumi Controller & enter the same port numbers in the "Connection Settings" in the Jumi App.

Getting Support 

Still unable to connect? have other questions? check our knowledgeable & User Forums (lots of great info there) or submit a ticket at our support desk we will be glad to assist you. 


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